Journée Nanophysique du département PhOM (Physique des Ondes et de la Matière) du 19 octobre 2017
19 oct. 2017 Palaiseau (France)


    Jeudi 19 octobre 2017 à l'École polytechnique, Palaiseau.
  • 9:00 – 9:15 : Bienvenue et introduction [amphi Faurre]

  • 9:15 – 10:45 : exposés pléniers [amphi Faurre]

    - Pr. Dr. Helen Gomonay (Mainz)
       Antiferromagnetic spintronics: dynamics of nanoparticles and textures

    - Pr. Stephan Hofmann (Cambridge)
       Integrated Crystal Growth of Advanced Nanomaterials: from model systems to integrated manufacturing

  • 10:45 – 11:15 : Pause cafés

  • 11:15 – 12:45 : exposés pléniers [amphi Faurre]

    - Pr. Wendy Flavell (Manchester)
       Surface Physics in Solar Nanocells

    - Pr. Dr. Harald Giessen (Stuttgart)
       Plasmonic orbital angular momentum and its subfemtosecond dynamics

  • 12:45 – 15:00 : Posters et buffet

  • 15:00 – 17:00 : exposés de spécialité

    Theme 1 - Physique des surfaces et interfaces [amphi Curie]

        15:00 Hamid Oughaddou (ISMO) Silicene: State of the art
        15:30 Silke Biermann (CPhT) Spectral properties of materials from first principles -- where do we stand?
        16:00 Antonio Tejeda (LPS) Gap opening in graphene band structure by nanostructuration
        16:30 Luca Perfetti (LSI, SOLEIL) Electrons dynamics at the surface of hybrid Perovskites

    Theme 2 - Nano-photonique [amphi Grégory]

        15:00 Patrick Bouchon (ONERA) Heat-Photons exchanges and confinement in plasmonic nanoresonators
        15:30 François Marquier (LCF) Revisiting quantum optics experiments with surface plasmons
        16:00 Elizabeth Boer-Duchemin (ISMO) An electrically excited plasmon nanosource
        16:30 Fabrice Raineri (C2N) Hybrid InP-on-Silicon nanolaser diode

    Theme 3 - Nano-magnétisme et électronique de spin [amphi Painlevé]

        15:00 Laure Catala (ICMMO) Nanoparticles of Prussian blue analogues and related coordination polymers: from spin crossover to biomedical applications
        15:30 Loïc Rondin (LAC) Imaging magnetism with NV spins in diamond
        16:00 Jean-Yves Chauleau (SPEC) Imaging and manipulating antiferromagnetic domains in BiFeO3
        16:30 Nicolas Reyren (UMPhi) Topological insulators for spintronics

    Themes 4&5 - Nano-matériaux et transport [amphi Poisson]

        15:00 Amandine Andrieu (ONERA) Multilayer boron nitride growth on polycristalline nickel
        15:30 Hocine Khemliche (ISMO) Crystallization dynamics of a thin organic layer revealed by GIFAD in real-time
        16:00 Sylvia Matzen (C2N) Light on ferroelectric oxide thin films
        16:30 Bruno Dlubak (UMPhi) 2D Materials for Spintronics

17:00 Fin des présentations

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